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by Empress Effects Inc

ParaEq MKII Deluxe

Sold out

The #1 EQ pedal returns - better than ever

We've brought back the most sought after Parametric EQ pedal with groundbreaking upgrades.

We kept everything people loved about the original ParaEq and added more fidelity and control.

More Control

Whether you're trying to cut through a mix or fix a feedback issue, you need precision! The ParaEq MKII offers the most control of any pedal EQ on the market.

More Sweetness

Effortlessly sweeten your tone with beautiful sounding, super smooth Baxandall filters for broad high and low frequency shelving adjustments on the Deluxe.

More Power

The ParaEq MKII pedals operates internally at 27V, providing clean headroom without unwanted clipping.

More Purity

We’re able to offer the most control without degradation to the tone due to minimal circuit topology­­—the opposite of graphic EQs.


Input Impedance = 1MΩ

Output Impedance = 100Ω

Frequency Response (-3dB) = 22Hz - 25kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion = < 0.05%

Noise = > 107dB

Headroom = +30dBu

Input Voltage = 9VDC Centre-Negative

Required Current = 300mA

Power Input Connector = 2.1mm Barrel Connector

Height (Enclosure Only) = 1.5”

Height (Including Controls) = 2.5”

Length = 4.8”

Width = 2.6”

Weight = 1lb