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by Mythos Pedals

Mjolnir Overdrive


The Mjolnir is a tweaked version of one of the most sought after overdrives of all time. The latest version of the Mjolnir has a slight reduction in treble and low-mids so that it’s even more “transparent” with the gain set low and has a more natural sound with the Tone control at noon. The Gain control has been tweaked for more clean headroom and a sweeter drive sound. For those that haven’t found the perfect "K” style pedal we feel like this take will work for you. Just like the original the Mjolnir features a buffered bypass but recently we have removed the charge pump to make the pedal more resilient and less likely to be damaged by incorrect power.*

  • Amazing amount of boost on tap

  • Treble control to dial in the perfect amount of top-end

  • Slight improvement to overdrive sound for smooth gain tones

  • Amazing buffered bypass which brings long signal chains back to life

  • Top Mount Jacks

  • Approx. 25 mA Current Draw

All  Mythos Pedals operate on standard 9 volt dc power adapters. Center negative only. Mythos Pedals do not have internal 9 volt battery clips.

*Never apply more than +9V to your Mjolnir without confirming its version. If the PCB states “MJOLNIR, +9V Version, May 2022” on the bottom left of the board you can apply more than +9 Volts. Any other board will be damaged immediately if incorrect voltage applied and your warranty will be voided.