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by Walrus Audio

Eras Five-State Distortion

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Eras is a no apologies, high-gain distortion that’s ready to chug, shred, and palm mute with tight response and multiple clipping options. Use the Blend knob at max for a full distortion onslaught or roll back the Blend knob to creatively stack and mix other dirt pedals placed in front of Eras. Great for bassists that want to blend in their dry signal as well. Anywhere you set it, the Eras is ready to deliver a diverse world of speaker ripping sounds.

The Eras features a five-position rotary knob that offers the following gain states:

I.  Tight mode with a slight mid-cut, LED hard clipping, and internal volume control. Fastest response, great for palm muting. 
II. Tight mode with a slight mid-cut and silicon hard clipping. Smooth with added compression.
III. Dual clipping mode with a slight mid-cut and both silicon and LED hard clipping. Rich & full with added sustain.
IV. Rhythm mode with a deeper mid-cut, LED hard clipping, and internal volume control. Scooped mids, tight response.
V. Rhythm mode with a deeper mid-cut and silicon hard clipping. Rhythmic, warm and full. 

Think of each position as a different “flavor” of the pedal. Blend in dry signal or other pedals in combination with the gain states for a near-infinite amount of distortion sounds.

A new era of gain is here.

With the combination of the five distortion modes and blend knob, the Eras is ready for just about any amp and guitar combination. Get creative, blend, and stack other pedals in front and see what speaker ripping sounds you can create.

Five unique distortion modes.

  • Versatile High-GainCovers all eras of high-gain from classic rock sounds to modern metal.
  • Blend The Blend knob holds a lot of tone shaping power. Use it to blend between your fully clean and fully distorted signal. Its also great for blending in other drive pedals before it in your signal chain.
  • Mode Switch Five different states of distortion to dial in specific styles of playing from tight, responsive palm mutes to huge chords.
  • Boost/Cut EQ The Bass and Treble knobs on the Eras are both boost/cut to help you dynamically shape your distorted signal.


  • The Eras comes in a “transparent red” enclosure color with yellow, cream and black ink. Artwork features a stoic four horned, winged bull illustrated by Adam Forster.
  • 9V DC, center negative,  100mA min – 4.77 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches.
  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals.
  • Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended. Power supply not included